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The History of 1875 by Chef Courtney


Sam & Dorothy Everett with their 11 children 

1875 by Chef Courtney is my artisanal line of seasonal and local preserved goods made from family recipes dating back over a century. 

Our family’s tradition of canning and preserving seasonal produce began in Eastern Carolina and found their way into recipes that originated on the Everett Family Farm in Robersonville, North Carolina. Built in 1875, the farmhouse was home to my great-grandparents and their eleven children.  The eleven points in the company crown symbolize each of the individual siblings of the Everett legacy.   

Thank you for taking an interest in 1875 by Chef Courtney and for sharing in a family history built around a love of good food and the great memories that come with it.  

 I hope you enjoy it as much as we have over the years. 

- Chef Courtney Renn